Resources for Alberta Anglers – Part 2

Resources for alberta anglers

It’s been a year since I posted the original Resources for Alberta Anglers. In that time I’ve began to rely on a few other sources of information that you, dear reader, may also find useful. The resources in my original post have stood the test of time and are still my go-to places for planning my next fishing trip. What you will find coming up are more detailed sources of information that can help you dial in that specific body of water.

Anglers Atlas

Anglers Atlas began in 1999 by providing depth maps around Prince George, BC. Over the years they have expanded to provide detailed coverage of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. In addition to the website they have a mobile app where you can download depth maps on the go as well as a free print magazine filled with local information. The magazine is new to me and was difficult to find. Although advertised at local Canadian Tires I found that the magazine was not on display, I had to ask for a copy.

Alberta Bathymetric Maps

The government of Alberta provides the hydrographic survey data of all the lakes they have surveyed over the years. Some of maps date back to 1960 so they are not the most detailed but it’s a great place to start. I like to print and store them between the pages of the map book I keep in my fishing truck. I should mention that the website is not mobile friendly. In order to properly download and extract the pages it’s best to use them on a desktop.

Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine

The Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine has been around since 1972. It’s originator, Barry Mitchell, has published amazing content about Alberta’s fisheries within the magazine and his book, Alberta’s Trout Highway. A new edition of the magazine is published every spring and contains a wide range of articles. If you haven’t read it before you will be surprised to find a comprehensive list of Alberta’s water bodies, directions to them, and what species you can find lurking beneath the surface. It is, in my opinion, the most valuable fishing resource we have.

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