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The Alberta Bumpboard

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A quality bumpboard for measuring your catch is, for some reason, hard to come by on this side of the county. For us tournament anglers, a good bumpboard is necessary but shipping one out west does ends up costing an arm and a leg! Luckily for us, great local companies, such as ID Industrial, are willing to jump at an opportunity and help their fellow anglers out.

On my local fishing forum,, a thread had started during the spring asking where someone can buy a famous Muskie Bumpboard locally. As the discussion went on, it was clear there wasn’t a local retailer to buy a Muskie bumpboard or even anything like it. That’s when Terry, the owner of ID Industrial, decided to step up and help fellow forum members out by creating a bumpboard of his own. Below is the bumpboard that Terry custom made for me:

48 inch total length for the biggest of fish (around here) but still compact when folded!

Being a kayak fishing tournament angler, I needed a bumpboard that is not only accurate, but actually fits in my kayak. The first bumpboard that Terry designed was large and clearly meant for the powerboat crowd, it was much too large to fit comfortably in my kayak. After speaking with Terry about the size, he was kind enough to custom make me a 6 inch wide by 48 inch long bumpboard that folds in half at the 24 inch mark. His original design also included both metric and SAE measurements but since we were narrowing the base, I opted for inch measurements only. Because this was meant to be my tournament board, I verified the measurement marks with a tape measure and they were bang on as well.

Incase you drop it overboard – it floats!

After a full summer of riding around in the back of my truck and my kayak, my Alberta Bumpboard is still in great shape. The plastic that the board is made from is not the most robust so I do worry it might break with a larger lake trout or pike on it, but for the price ID Industrial is selling them for (ie rock bottom prices) I don’t feel like I have to be that careful with it either.

I can’t thank Terry enough. The bumpboard is fantastic and costs less than the shipping charge for something from out east. Local people making products for their community is what we need now more than ever. If you are interesting in ordering one of your own send Terry an email at and tell him String Theory Angling sent you!

If you would like, check out the thread on Outdoorsmen forum here.

A few samples of the Alberta Bumpboard in action

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