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The Best Trout Fishing In Alberta


Alberta is home to some of the best trout fishing on the planet but not all the credit is due to our streams along the east slopes. Thanks to changing fishing regulations, opportunities for trophy-sized trout now exist in many lakes throughout the province. The popularity of stillwater trout fishing has really taken off over the last several years and providing quality angling opportunities has become a priority for the province’s fisheries management.

Of the roughly 800 fishable lakes in the province, 294 of them are stocked with some species of trout – that’s 37% of all our lakes! With trout fishing so overwhelmingly popular it’s no wonder the province has introduced a Quality Stocked Fishing program.

I love stillwater trout fishing and many of the largest trout I’ve caught have come from Quality Stocked Lakes in the province. While I consider myself mainly an angler for sport, I will take home the odd fish for a meal. I appreciate that the province has created some diversity in the trout stocking program so that anglers who would rather catch and release one or two big fish have just as much opportunity as anglers that are fishing for a good meal.

What is a Quality Stocked Fishery?

A Quality Stocked Fishery is specifically managed to produce larger than average trout. By adjusting regulations (winter closures, bait bans, reduced keep limits) and limiting the amount of fish stocked each year, anglers have the opportunity to test their mettle against trout that are larger than what otherwise may have been available. 

As of 2022, there are 23 Quality Stocked Lakes in the province. 

The following is not a complete list as the regulations change annually so please refer to the latest Alberta Fishing Regulations for the most up-to-date information.

The Best Trout Lakes in Alberta


  • Bear Pond
  • Gap Lake
  • Hogarth Lake
  • Kids Can Catch Pond
  • Pine Coulee Reservoir
  • Smuts Lake
  • Sparrow’s Egg Lake
  • Stenton Lake
  • Sunken Lakes (Champion Lakes)
  • Upper Kananaskis Lake


  • Beaver Lake
  • Fiesta Lake
  • Ironside Pond
  • Muskiki Lake


  • Lovett Lake
  • Pit Lakes 24-45
  • Silkstone Lake


  • Pierre Greys Lake
  • County Sportplex Pond


  • Outpost (Police) Lake


  • Kerbe’s Pond
  • Muir Lake


  • Dolberg Lake
  • Whiteridge Recreation Area Pond (Blueridge Pit)


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2 thoughts on “The Best Trout Fishing In Alberta”

  1. You missed a good lake in NB1. Known as little bear lake (Hasse lake). Has great fishing for rainbows, but also holds Brooke and tiger trout in its stocking program.

    1. Hi Jesse! Thanks for the addition, while I’ve heard Little Bear is a great little trout lake, since it’s not listed specifically in the fishing regulations I don’t think it falls under the quality stocked lake program for the province. Its just a good lake that flies under the radar! Thanks for the comment!

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