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WCKFT – Summer Slam Online Tournament

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Since the usual Kayak Fishing tournament series has been cancelled this season, the good people at the Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail have come up with an exciting online tournament!

The Freshwater Summer Slam runs from June 15, 2020 to September 15, 2020 and is open to any angler in Western Canada. The rules are simple, you must be a resident of western Canada, you must fish from a kayak, canoe or other human powered watercraft. New for this year is the ability to use electric motors as well.

Check out the official Facebook Page to enter the tournament:

Other than a kayak and a fishing rod, all you will need is a measuring board. Boards are available from most outdoor retails and even DIY boards are accepted. Just submit a picture of the board against a measuring tape to verify its accuracy.

The tournament entry fee is minimal so the whole family can join. What’s even better is the entry fee proceeds also go towards prizes!

My first entry in the 2020 Summer Slam was this beautiful 15″ rainbow trout. Make sure to practice you CPR* skills and remember to get those fish back in the water ASAP. I hope to see some great entries in the tournament!

*CPR – Catch, Photo, Release.
For more information on CPR head over to Kayak Angler Magazine:

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