Ice fishing with lowrance fish finder/flasher

Hello! My name is Chris and this is my blog all about fishing.

I grew up on fishing. I fished with my family every season, every year, ever since I could walk. But it wasn’t until I struck out on my own did I realize I wasn’t any good at it. Since then, I have been researching all the tips and techniques I could find and experimenting with them on my local lakes. I am based out of Edmonton, Alberta and try to fish all over the western provinces. 

My goal is to bring information and experience together in one place. I will post links to useful content I find, test out tools and techniques and, of course, share my adventures as I work on my skills as an angler. I am not a professional writer but I really hope you find this site helpful, informative, and entertaining. Please feel free to send me comments, feedback or general musings of your own!