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Northern Pike caught while kayak fishing

Why work with String Theory Angling?

Advertising is changing and spending your marketing budget wisely is more important than ever. By partnering with String Theory Angling you gain access to a community of thousands of monthly readers that are searching for information relevant to their interests – fishing and the outdoors.

Product Reviews

The internet is the number one place today’s anglers turn to for information. Instead of spending on generic advertising in hopes of reaching your target market, why not let customers come to you? Unbiased, 3rd party reviews are an invaluable tool to bring product awareness and build trust with consumers. There are no generic reviews on this website, every product is thoroughly and professionally field-tested in order to bring the best possible information to readers. Partner with String Theory Angling today and get your product in front of thousands of potential customers with professional, thorough reviews, that are optimized for search engine results.

Articles/Written Content

Are you looking for outdoor content for your magazine, website or social media? As a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association of Canada, String Theory Angling can provide professionally written content along with high quality photography for your next project.

Seminars/Webinars/Public Speaking Events

Enhance your club meetings or events with a fishing and outdoors presentation! String Theory Angling will join your group event and give a presentation of your choice. Topics can range from: complete beginners skills workshop, introduction to kayak fishing, introduction to ice fishing, advanced fishing tactics, introduction to fishing electronics, etc. Slide/video presentations also available.

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