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Aquabatics Online Boat Swap 2020

aquabatics boat swap

Aquabatics has been hosting an annual boat swap for almost 20 years. Thanks to COVID-19 they’ve been forced to change it up for this year and are now hosting the Boat Swap online. It may not be as local or personal as it was in the past but it’s still a great place to get into quality used or clearance gear for a great price, and to support your local paddleshop.

Not only are there deals to take advantage of but a whole slew of online interviews, how-to’s and paddling videos to beat your indoor boredom. I am particularly excited for the interviews with Dane Jackson of Team Jackson kayaks, setting up an NRS Raft with the crew at NRS and the history of the Western Kayak Fishing Trail with Mike Zilkowsky, Andy Watt and Trevor Thomson.

Even if you don’t find anything to buy at the Boat Swap don’t forget there is still quite a bit available from the store, complete with Contact Free local delivery. Don’t forget to use the exclusive code CF10 for 10% off new items for String Theory readers!

Hope to see you there.

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