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2021 Kayak Fishing Checklist

kayak rigging on the lake shore

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Quite often, kayak fishing requires us to use and carry a lot of gear. On top of that, we end up rigging and un-rigging our kayaks at the launch and at home every time we hit the water. All this moving of gear back and forth makes it very easy to forget things. Without an efficient rigging system, including a checklist, I will very likely wind up leaving something valuable at home, or even worse, on the shore of the lake. Below is the checklist that I use to make sure I have everything I need each time I set out on the water. It’s also a great shopping list to make sure you have all the kayak fishing essentials necessary to make good use of your time on the water!

I recommend keeping a copy posted on the wall of your garage or wherever you rig your kayak for handy reference. If you find something missing from this list, add it to the comments below and I will revise the checklist for others!

Good luck and I’ll see you on the water.

String Theory Angling Kayak Fishing Checklist in PDF format (for printing):

2 thoughts on “2021 Kayak Fishing Checklist”

  1. Excellent checklist. I use one for about everything such as a checklist of gear to take when I cut firewood. Its too much of a pain in the neck to forget a tool you might need when you’re all the way out in the woods trying to cut your firewood.

    Do you still like the Pescador Pilot 12 pedal drive or should I buy another? I found one used… Thanks!


    1. I always seem to be in a rush so I definitely rely on checklists too! I sold my Pescador Pilot to a friend when I bought the Bigwater PDL. I do still like the Pilot, its a very good kayak. My only complaints, and they were small, were that the drive can be finicky to raise up once lowered and the seat had a tendency to work the backrest straps loose and cause you to lean further back as the day progressed. Both not big issues, especially if you can get a good price on one!

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