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2019 – The Best Tackle Box… So Far

Craftsman Toolbox holds all my fishing gear

I’ve finally come up with a solution that solves my tackle storage issues. Ever since I started kayak fishing I began storing my tackle in waterproof Plano boxes and throwing them in my milk crate. The milk crate is perfect for the kayak and holds enough gear when I am on the water – which is usually 4 Plano boxes, rain gear and some snacks. If I am going out for a day and one species I can get by, but what about a week of camping and travel? Or a multi-species fishing tournament? That is where the real problems start to arise. I present to you my solution – the Craftsman Tool Box!

This tool box is able to store ten 3600 sized plano cases and has a small storage tray at the top for other things like weights and my filleting knife. The toolbox is light and has a big handle to help haul it around. It also seals around the rim with a foam gasket to keep rain and dust out when you leave it in the boat or back of the truck. I can throw this toolbox in the back of the truck and outfit my milk crate with what I will need for that day. Bottom bouncing for walleye? Just grab the bottom bouncers box. Casting spoons and cranks for pike? They are neatly stored in two more boxes. Need ultralight spoons and spinners for trout? Guess what, another box ready to go.

Foam Gasket keeps the rain and dust out.

I looked all over for the perfect tackle box that could store as many 3600 cases as possible and I finally found this one at Lowes. I am not impressed with what is sold at fishing gear retailers because they are usually not big enough or weatherproof enough for my needs. Of the plastic toolboxes available in my area the Craftsmen toolbox is the only one that would hold more than 6 Plano’s, and I still have and still have extra space at the top for things I wouldn’t normally take on the water. Of course the toolbox is not a perfect solution, I wish it had a larger tray up top and was a bit taller, but it does solve my biggest gripes with today’s tackle bags.

My fishing toolbox and kayak Milk Crate

I should mention that this is just for my hard tackle meant for casting and spinning rods. My fly fishing gear is an entirely different story. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below. Do you use a traditional tackle box? Rubbermaid container? Or just a big shopping bag?

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