Angling Microadventures

Fly fishing alpine lake

The term microadventures was coined by famous hiker, backpacker and explorer, Alastair Humphreys. It is defined as an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.

I really like the idea of microadventures because my reality is that I only have one or two long weekends per year to go on an epic adventure, the rest of my fishing and exploring is done much closer to home, usually within an hour or two’s drive. So how can someone take the concept of microadventures and apply that to fishing? The key is to start small. Microadventures are meant to be small challenges that are attainable, affordable and easy to organize.

Start by exploring your local rivers and lakes. I plan on taking advantage of the North Saskatchewan River because it is 20 minutes from my house, whereas the closest lake is almost an hour. The small trout ponds around the city are also great for a quick outing. Most are easy to walk around with good access and the evening bite is pretty good.

A microadventure should be fast and light. I typically use one rod and a small selection of tackle. I will usually focus on one or two different presentations and I will work those any way necessary. For example, when I venture out to the trout ponds I will usually bring a small backpack with food, water and a few different spoons in case I lose the one I’m using. This might seem like a disadvantage at first, but slowing down and really concentrating on how best to use that particular presentation has made me a better, more versatile, angler.

Take advantage of a microadventure this season. It’s a great way to work the bugs out of any new setup, to get comfortable casting, reading water, or exploring a new lake or structure. See you out on the water!

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