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String Theory Angling turns Two!

Old Town Bigwater PDL 132 fly fishing

Today is the second anniversary of my blog, String Theory Angling! Wow, time really flies when you’re having fun. Thanks to Covid, we’ve all had one heck of a year. I’m happy there was one area of life that was able to stay relatively the same, fishing and the outdoors.

It’s no secret the kayak fishing scene has really been taking off. I am very enthusiastic about kayak fishing and I guess it shows. This year I was fortunate enough to join Old Town Canoes and Kayaks as well as Aquabatics as a kayak fishing ambassador. Working with both of these brands has been a dream come true for me and I’m very excited to see where the next year will take us.

Aquabatics and Old Town Logo

I’m also enthusiastic about kayak fishing tournaments! Although Covid-19 threw a wrench in the Western Canada Kayak Fishing Tournament Trail (WCKFT), the organizers were able to throw together an online and socially-distant tournament. It was an awesome event to day the least! I participated seriously enough to pull out a 5th place finish out of 22 anglers.

Quite a number of us kayak anglers were able to get out monthly for some meet-ups throughout the summer. We met often enough that we decided to create an Edmonton Area kayak fishing club. Sales of kayaks and fishing gear have been through the roof this year and judging by the increased number of people out fishing, I’d say there are a lot of newcomers to the sport. If you are new to kayak fishing and live around the capital, feel free to send me a message and come fishing with the club!

Now that winter has finally set in, it’s time to turn my focus to ice fishing. I really enjoy the hardwater season, possibly even more than open water! There are just too many good things about ice fishing to list here, but my favorite thing about it is how accessible the sport is. The entire lake opens up to everyone if you’re willing to walk a bit. Pair that with the fact that everything is covered in a blanket of snow and ice and it leaves us with a little bit of mystery.

Last winter, I started the season with a new insulated tent and I took that thing with me everywhere. I even spent a night on Pigeon Lake! I’m convinced that insulated tents make all the difference. If you’re in the market for a new shelter this ice fishing season, splurge for the insulation and thank me in the comments. I also got my hands on a new Strikemaster 40V ice auger. Although we got off to a rocky start, I have been enjoying having an electric auger.

Strikemaster 40V Ice Auger

With the ice starting to form now I’m hoping I can get out and after some fish soon! It’s been well over a month since my last fishing trip and I’m suffering from withdrawal.

So, what can we expect from String Theory Angling in year three? Honestly, who knows! So many exciting things have already happened that it’s hard to see what could be in store for the future. I will definitely be bringing more content your way; trip reports, gear reviews, and fishing information specific to western Canada. As for what else? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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