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Trip Report – East Pit – May 12, 2019


I am in a slump, which is not a good feeling going into the kayak tournament season. My favorite lake, East Pit, has always been my proving grounds. It’s the lake I go to when I have a new idea or technique to try, or just need to get in a quick fishing session. I know the lakes structure pretty well and can normally find success, even in the worst conditions. The weather this weekend was ideal, it felt like a summer day and I started fishing very early, I was on the water before 7 am.

Kayaking on East Pit is awesome but it’s a struggle to get my 100 lb kayak through the gate, over the hill and down to the water. I’m sure the walk is only 300 yards but it’s literally uphill both ways. I was eager to do it though because this season I upgraded my Humminbird Helix fish finder with the Zero Lines card and am now able to use Autochart Live. It’s a great tool and will definitely shorten the learning curve when fishing a new lake. As I said, I know East Pit very well and was excited to use Autochart live to see if there is anything I had been missing. I went over in detail my favorite spots on the lake, most of them were transition zones such as drop offs to deep water or weed beds. I did find a couple of new areas to fish but for the most part Autochart Live confirmed what I already knew.

Here are some screenshots from my unit to give you an idea of what it can do:

Autochart Live Contour Map
Autochart Live Bottom Hardness
Autochart Live Vegetation Map

Unfortunately what my trusty Helix did not tell me is what the trout were eating. As soon as I arrived at my favorite spot five good sized trout leapt out of the water, as if to say we are here, now try and catch us! There was plenty of time and I used all the resources at my disposal but I couldn’t convince a trout to bite. I could really use a slump-buster before the weekend fishing tournament but I don’t think it will come. I will just have to keep my head up, use what I know and stick to my game plan; hopefully Dickson Trout Pond gives up a giant!

2 thoughts on “Trip Report – East Pit – May 12, 2019”

  1. Where do you find a Bathymetric map of the lake? Your picture shows about 2/3 of the lake but I’d like to view entire lake. Thanks

    1. Hi Jan, the bathymetric map is one I made using Autochart Live on my Humminbird Helix fish finder, so it’s not available publicly. I carried my kayak down the hill and spent a few days building the map with the software. If you are interested in learning more about Autochart and custom mapping, check out the Humminbird website:
      Thanks for the comment!

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