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#WCKFT – Summer Slam Finale

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The Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail – Freshwater Summer Slam Series is officially over! Boy, that name is a mouthful. Congratulations to everyone who participated and grinded it out for the competition. It was great to be able to look forward to a little camaraderie and friendly competition during such a strange and sometimes difficult summer. 

Since the only thing to do this summer was camping, I ended up fishing and camping a lot. Having the competition to look forward to helped motivate me to get out there and catch a couple of new species. This season, I managed to land my first cutthroat trout and brook trout, and my first goldeye from the kayak. 

cutthroat trout kayak fishing
My first Cutthrout is also a decent PB!

There were a number of days where competitors were able to meet up and have a friendly head to head fish. Many impromptu fishing trips were had, and great memories made by most everyone involved. Even if we weren’t able to get out and fish together it was great to be able to post up some fish pictures from the weekend and brag a little online.

Just one of the many lake takeovers this summer – Photo courtesy of @HuyFishin

The final week was a real nail biter, there were so many points on the board and fantastic prizes on the line it was really anyone’s game. I’m happy to say I performed unexpectedly well, placing fifth overall and winning a prize. The top two finishers were seriously dedicated to the win and put up points that blew the rest of us out of the water! 

I am sad to see it end though, I realize fall is in the air and the kayak season will soon be over. But, in the face of all that is happening in the world the Summer Slam was more than a friendly competition, it was a well needed distraction.

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